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new ultra stainless pins

A no-rust solution with a 50 year warranty


With new technology, NailPro® has developed the  Ultra Stainless Steel Pins. These pins are able to attach plywood, siding, and other materials direct to steel, block, and concrete.


Our Ultra Stainless Steel pins are a great, money-saving alternative to tapcons and furring strips!



These pins come in two different categories: 

- Knurled: 1 ½" x .106",  2" x .106", 2 ½" x .106" 

These pins will attach siding, plywood, DensGlass®, USG SecureRock®, HardiePlank®, Hardie® 5/4" trim, and more to steel and block.

- Smooth: 1 ¼" x .145"


These pins will attach HardiePlank® and siding directly to concrete and block. 



Download spec sheet & warranty

Download a brochure

ZIP System® R-Sheathing Installation over Light-Gauge Metal Framing

Ultra Stainless 1 1/4" x .145" pins
Hardie® direct to block
Plywood to block using stainless steel pins
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