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For over 25 years, NailPro® has been a trusted source among commercial and residential construction contractors for their fastener needs. Our mission is to provide quality, dependable tools to help our customers save time, labor, and money in construction applications. All of our specialized pin products are designed to do a traditional job in a new way. For example, we replace slow, screw gun systems with quick and easy air-operated tools that drive ballistic pins. 

We focus on specialty products that can be adapted to applications such as EIFS continuous insulation panels, multi-family fire walls, lath to steel and concrete, plywood to steel and concrete, Hardieplank® direct to block and concrete, and many more. Most of these products can also drive standard collated fasteners. 


All of our pin products have been tested to the acceptance criteria set by ICC-ES. 

For more information, contact us below or reach Bob Hill by email or cell phone.


How much time is usually saved with your air pin systems?

Normally, if you have bid the job with any screw system, you will walk away finished in half the time.


Are your pins code-compliant?

Yes, all of our pins are ICC-ES compliant

Can I drive washers with your tools?

There are several washers available. The most popular are the MW114 metal Stucco washer 1 1/4" diameter and our PW178 poly washer which is 1 7/8" diameter and is used for attaching rigid insulation to concrete, block, and steel. 

Do the washers attachments come with the tool?


The attachments are purchased separately.


For more information about our tools, prices, and ordering, contact:


Bob Hill

Sales Manager & Fastening Specialist

Thanks for your interest in our product line. I will contact you shortly.


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