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Specialty Tool systems

NailPro® Air Tools are designed to drive hardened pins into steel, concrete, block, and wood framing. In addition, many tools can drive standard siding and framing collated nails. There are pins for numerous applications such as steel, concrete, block and wood, Hardieplank®, Densglass®, USG SecuRock®, EIFS continuous insulation panels, lath, plywood, cement board, and more.

There are many advantages of using NailPro® Air Tools: 200 pin loads that will dramatically increase production, reasonable prices to save huge labor dollars and equipment costs, the ability to get the desired flush or slight set with a dial A-depth adjustment, no blow out of rigid insulation, and a variety of specialized tools to get any job done. For more information about these tools, contact Bob Hill by cell phone or email.

Download typical pin & tool applications spreadsheet


Ballistic Pin tools

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One of the most powerful air coil pin tools on the market, the NPCN-7312 is designed to drive ballistic pins into concrete, block, and steel. Multiple applications include installing lath, rigid installation, plywood, HardiePlank®, and many more.


One of the most popular air tools because of its size and power, this coil pin tool is designed to attach most siding materials to steel and wood framing. 


This tool can do everything that the NPCN-75 does, but is 10% more powerful.


A lightweight tool with a large load, this tool is designed specifically to attach Dens Glass or any gypsum material to 16 and 18 gauge steel. 


The NPCT-3040 is a light and powerful tool that attaches multiple materials to concrete and steel. It comes with a patented 0 deg. plastic collation and is interchangeable with many gas concrete pin nailers.


The NPCT-3112 Concrete Tool is very powerful and can easily drive pins into 5000 PSI concrete. This tool can be run off of a 150 PSI pancake compressor. Many other applications include lath to concrete, block, and steel, plywood underlayment to concrete, vertical stone applications to steel, and more.   

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finish Trim pin tools

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NPST-50C / NPST-75

Powerful, lightweight, and cost-efficient, the NPST-50C drives hardened trim pins for attaching any trim materials to concrete, block, and steel. The NPST-75 is another very powerful tool that drives heavier gauge hardened trim pins to concrete, block, and steel. By using hardened finish pins, this tool is the best alternative to tapcons and screws.

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wire coil roofing tools


The NP-950 is a one-of-a-kind roofing coil nailer that can drive from 3/4" to 2" roofing nails. The 2" roofing nails can be used to install ridge vents, one-hour fire walls, and any standard roofing shingles. This tool can also install 1" rigid insulation to wood framing and any fiber cement board.


NailPro is proud to introduce a new specialty combination tool that is new to the market. This roofing coil nailer can drive roofing coil nails from 2” to 3 ½“ x .120 or .131 shanks. This same tool will drive any 15 degree wire coil nails from 2” to 3 ½ “ x .99 to .131 framing nails.

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duplex concrete forming tools

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The NP-9021D is a great alternative to a hand-drive bulk Duplex nails. This tool quickly switches from a Duplex nailer to a 21 degree framing nailer. It has a simple set screw adjustment and no parts to change. This speedy tool is 4-5 times faster than hand-driving bulk Duplex nails, saving you time and labor. It's also great for forming columns, tie beams, and any concrete forms.


The NPCN-3390D is a coil duplex nailer that drives 2 1/8" - 3" wire coil duplex nails. Due to its large load capacity, this tool can be used for production applications such as concrete forms, in plant frame production, sea walls, and mobile home button up for transport. 

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heavy duty framing nailer

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The NP-9518 is a heavy duty framing nailer that can drive 21 degree framing nails up to 5 1/8". This tool has plenty of power to do any type of construction framing, crating, or landscape applications.

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